So, what's your next move? It's been sitting there, taking up space for the past few years. You're dragging your feet because you've grown to love it, but deep down, you know it's time for it to go. It's time for something better. We're talking about that used car in your driveway. So, if you're looking for your next move, you should probably stop by Autonomous Auto Group. We'll give you top dollar for your old car so that you can make room for something better.

Sell Your Car to Our Trusted Team in Marietta or Kennesaw

No Pressure-Ever

Don't get us wrong. If you decide to sell your vehicle to us, you're not on the hook to purchase anything from us. Some dealerships in Marietta, Kennesaw, or Roswell operate with a "you owe me" mentality, but not us. If all you want to do is sell your vehicle, then that's all that will happen-and we'll make it a quick and easy process.

Ten Minutes or Less

That's right. You'll get a complete valuation from one of our onsite mechanics and receive your offer in ten minutes or less. Time is money, and we want to take up as little time as possible while giving you the most money we can offer. And if you want to know how much your vehicle is worth beforehand, you can use our free online tools. You can find your estimated trade value and better understand what to expect if you decide to stop by. Free online tools, ten minutes or less. It doesn't get easier to sell your car in Alpharetta, Rome, or anywhere else.

Autonomous Auto Group

It's always easy with Autonomous Auto Group. If you want to make space for something new in Cumming or just need to get rid of an old car, we can take it off your hands. After our quick and easy consultation, you will have your cash or check in hand. We'll see you soon.

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